Communications ยป Marketing

Marketing Specialist


Marketing specialists are in charge of promoting a business’s products or services. They conduct market research and data to study consumer behaviour and identify or forecast trends, before then identifying ways to appeal to customers. This is carried out through the design and coordination of marketing campaigns, which can include designing a brand (logos, packaging, slogans), organising promotions and events, and finding ways to align a brand with a certain idea or image, among many other creative activities.

Employment Levels
Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing)
Bachelor of Business (Marketing)
Bachelor of Agribusiness
Marketing Officer
Marketing Coordinator / Assistant Brand Manager
Marketing Manager / Brand Manager
Marketing Director
Head of Communications


  • Perform market research to understand the habits and trends of the target audience
  • Develop concepts, ideas and campaigns to support the messages being promoted
  • Develop brands and deliver successful promotional campaigns via digital and traditional marketing channels
  • Coordinate the design and production of all marketing collateral needed for events and campaigns
  • Event management


  • Agricultural companies across the value chain
  • Government entities
  • Not-for-profits
  • City and Country
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