Communications ยป Communications / Corporate Affairs

Communications Officer / Corporate Affairs Officer


Corporate Affairs (also known as public relations) help companies to communicate and promote the company’s activities to both internal and external stakeholders. Corporate affairs staff are in charge of a variety of tasks, ranging from distributing information through press releases, responding to or initiating conversations with media and government, and managing a company’s image. This may be in response to crises, promoting corporate and social activities, or trying to influence public policies.

Employment Levels
Bachelor of Arts (Media and Communications)
Bachelor of Business (PR and Marketing)
Public Relations Coordinator
Corporate Affairs Officer/Public Relations Officer
Stakeholder Relations / Investor Relations Specialist
Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Corporate Affairs Manager
Head of Investor Relations / Corporate Affairs


  • Plan, design and execute media strategies
  • Build positive relationships with the media and respond to media requests
  • Coordinate public relation activities as well as crisis communication if required
  • Plan and execute corporate events
  • Maintain website content


  • Agricultural companies across the value chain
  • Government agencies
  • Not-for-profits
  • City
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