Business ยป Legal



From operational licenses and land zoning through to protecting intellectual property rights, lawyers help to ensure businesses are operating in a fair and legal manner. Lawyers can be hired by small to medium-sized businesses or can work in-house within larger companies to give legal counsel and ensure all day-to-day operations, whether on the farm or in a corporate environment, are satisfying legal requirements.

Employment Levels
Bachelor of Laws


  • Assist farmers in succession planning in order to help preserve farms for future generations
  • Assist in zoning, land use cases
  • Obtain licenses and permits that agricultural entities may need in order to operate, such as setting up corporations, proprietorships, and partnerships
  • Be a source of information to those in the agricultural industry on labor and employment laws
  • Provide assistance in preventing fraud and deception in packaging and labeling of products
  • Provide advice on intellectual property rights for new technologies/inventions
  • Give general legal counsel to individuals and companies


  • Self-employed
  • Legal firms
  • Larger agricultural companies such as fertilizer companies, storage and handling companies, trading companies
  • Country and City locations
Education opportunities
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